Characteristics Of An Effective Advertisement

These are several requirements that all advertising must have to be effective, that is, to meet the proposed objectives and generate as many sales as possible. This article will present some of the important requirements of an effective advertisement.

Advertisement should be attractive

The first requirement for effective advertising is that it is attractive, that is, it draws the attention of the public and encourages it to make the purchase.

To achieve an attractive publicity you could, for example, use striking designs, funny messages, original slogans, logos that impact, etc.

Advertisement should have a good quality

Advertising with good quality does not necessarily mean costly advertising, but regardless of the medium used, it has good quality elements, for example, if brochures are used, they must have a good and creative design and, in addition, the paper used should be made of good material.

If your advertising is of good quality, you will send the message that your business or product is also of good quality; but on the other hand, if your advertising is of poor quality, you will send the image of a poor and neglected business or product.

Take into account the target audience

Before launching an advertising campaign, it is necessary to study and analyze well the target audience, that is, the target consumers.

Knowing well the needs and characteristics of your target audience will allow you to design an effective campaign, for example, you can choose the most accessible means or channels for your audience, or write the messages that have the best impact on the audience.

Use the indicated means or channels

The good choice of media or channels through which the advertising message will be sent is one of the most important factors for the success of advertising.

To choose the medium or channel indicated, you must take into account the needs, preferences, customs and habits of your target audience, for example, you must choose the means or channels that are more accessible to it, those that are more used to it, or Which may have a greater influence on it.

Advertisement should be launched at the right time

The moment you launch your advertising campaign is another determining factor for success. For example, to launch your advertising campaign you could wait for the time when your target audience has greater access to the advertising medium you are going to use. You could also wait for the right moment to make your product known, for example, after having created enough expectation.

Have a clear message

The message must be clear, fluid and easy to understand. It must be based on a simple and understandable language for the recipient. One way to achieve a clear message is by using a short, concise and precise message. A long message could cause confusion in the audience, or it might make you give up paying attention.

Highlight the differentiating characteristics

Just as the main characteristics and benefits of the product should be pointed out, an effective advertising should also highlight its differentiating characteristics.

The differentiating characteristics are those innovative characteristics of the product that make it unique and distinguish it from the products of the competitors. Those are the reasons why the consumer should choose you and not your competitors.

Highlight key features and benefits

Advertising should highlight the main characteristics of the product, for example, its main functions, attributes, utilities, etc.

It should also point out its main benefits, that is, those benefits that the consumer could obtain when acquiring or making use of the product, for example, the benefit of having status, comfort, safety or the feeling of well-being.


You should not launch your advertising campaign and then forget about it. For your publicity to take effect, it has to be repeated constantly, you must always remind your products to the public and you must always stimulate it to acquire them.

Qualities Of A Successful Salesman

For ordinary mortals, it often seems a mystery how a sales agent does not only convince a potential customer to buy your product but even more, how does this buyer become a loyal consumer.

Sales action represents a key activity within companies while requiring art to be successful. A sales agent needs to show a series of characteristics that allow him to effectively perform his task. Without a doubt, it takes more than the complete knowledge of the product or service that promotes sales.

Know how to communicate: A salesperson must be a good communicator. The sale is always a process of dialogue and its success depends on how well the seller knows the potential of the product or service. The sales agent must have a good command of the language and an articulate voice.

Good Listener: Aside from being a good talking to people about the products and services, part of being a good communicator is being a good listener. A good salesperson must listen to his or her customer even though what the customer is talking about may seem insignificant. Not only a salesperson will make the customer feel better, the salesperson will better understand the needs of the customer and offer an appropriate solution. In a way, a good salesperson is also a good customer service representative. A client who recognizes that h
is promoter listens to him tends to establish better relationships with him. A good ear is worth 40% of the skills of a good sales agent.

Persistence and Positive Attitude: A salesperson cannot easily surrender, he must understand that sales action is no simple task. He has to accept that he has to continue in spite of multiple rejections. In addition, in a world that changes so quickly, the sales agent needs to keep an open mind and a flexible attitude to constantly learn.

Sincerity and honesty: Cheating is contraindicated. On the contrary, marketers must do their utmost to understand customer requirements and provide them with the best solution. A good sales agent is one who does not hide a truth about something that can be detrimental to consumers.

Self-Confidence: This high self-esteem is what allows the agent to recover soon after rejection. A good agent knows he cannot please everyone, but he does need to be self-critical to learn from his mistakes and move on with the experience gained.

Energy and Enthusiasm: Since the ultimate goal is to achieve sales, people with these characteristics tend to attract more attention from potential customers.

A lot of patience: It is part of the process having to explain the details of the product or service to a consumer, in addition to how the sale will be made, and the guarantees, etc. It takes a lot of patience to repeat this process over and over again, and always with a friendly face.